Garbage Chute (Fire and Non Fire)


Garbage and Linen chute door also known as “Centralized Garbage Collection System” provides an efficient and hygienic method of garbage disposal in types of residential and commercial buildings. It can be easily be installed in any duct, common lobby, landing, staircase, midlanding, utility duct, dry balcony and kitchen.

Advantages of Garbage Chute

• Garbage can be disposed anytime and multiple times a day.
Hence no need to accumulate dirty and unhygienic garbage
• Garbage from all the floors gets collected at single point
• Manpower cost is saved
• “Dry” and “Wet” garbage segregation also possible.
• Reduces power consumption


Construction : Custom design door and frame assembly with LED indicator. Spring loaded
Materials : Stainless steel sheet confirm to ASTM or equivalent standard
Gauge/Door Thickness : 40mm thick door with skin thickness 1.5 – 1.2 mm
Application : Variety of Ducts, Common lobbies, landing, staircase, utility ducts, for Residential buildings, Hotels, Hospitals
Frame Gauge : 1.2 and 1.5 mm
Ironmongery : Certified as per door test standard UL 10B
Fire Rating : Non fire or Fire-Rated Up to 180 minutes as per BS 476 part22-20
Test Standard : UL 10B
Certification : Intertek, BSI, ISO, UL10b & UL10c Up to 120 Minutes
Finish : Powder coated/ Stainless steel

Additional Features 

– Seamless full flush design
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Smooth operation
– Factory assembled
– Intake is via stainless steel/Powder coated galvanized hand operated side hinge door with 180 degree opening for easy operation
– Alternate Stainless-steel material