About Us


In 1995, Star Light was established in Cairo-Egypt, the state that seeded our success, is as a practice focused on the steel demands ; Star Light had developed most its outstanding projects there with both traditional and modern styles. Now , the company grows to become an important source for metal manufacturing covering the demands of our clients, hotels, palaces and villas. No amount of branding, strategy, values or tone of voice, can ignore the fact that businesses have to earn their brand value. It cannot be imposed, it has to be real . Truth and integrity are therefore prerequisites of any believable identity . Thanks to our clients, the name of Star Light is regarded as a leader in the world of Specialists on Sheet Metal, Formed Metals, Steel doors, Steel Structure and Steel Canopies .


Star Light works in many countries, in the most exclusive private residences as in the most representative hotel projects , villas , embassies and palaces . What if we could create a wrought iron piece that the industry worldwide has never seen? What if we could merge brain with brawn and modern with classic? What if we built a company that serves its clients with high standard products, different tastes and unique designs? Welcome to Star Light.


Your master piece is designed and manufactured in Egypt and includes its certificate of provenance and copyright. Only thus can we ensure our customers that the iron piece they buy is unique and exclusive and has been manufactured following quality controls standards. Years of experience has allowed us to compile an extensive portfolio. Our catalog was designed to inspire, by showcasing a number of our custom projects. Our sales representatives are available to answer any questions you may have and to help you with the design process.

Our Mission

To be the leading producer and marketer of commercial door products and for building construction in the Middle East and Africa sustaining a competitive advantage through service, product and process superiority, a total quality commitment, and a strong customer focus.”

Star Light’s annual commitment enables our products to be manufactured utilizing modern computerized processing and manufacturing technology and advanced digital equipment.